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Dec. 13th, 2010

New journal.

I switched journals and can be found at:

Jun. 28th, 2010

The fucking laugh cast!

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The gang laugh, teach you how to distress, Vince gripes, talk about a movie, john waters, and the great gallery show that is up till July 4th!

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The gang laugh, teach you how to distress, Vince gripes, talk about a movie, john waters, and the great gallery show that is up till July 4th!


Music, comedy, lifestyle, gay, bear, art, pop art, Rhode Island, Massachusetts

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Feb. 22nd, 2010

the functional versatility of the term 'bitch'

the functional versatility of the term 'bitch'
New Podcast is up!

The gang talks about Holocaust remembrance day April 11th, 2010. They talk about the poll they started wondering if vagina tastes like Meat flavored marshmallows. They talk about Raven Morgaines new online shop, Michael Moniz wanted them to talk about his hotel, Christopher Patrick Lembke wanted them to talk about Vagina. Alex-Jon Earl wanted them to talk about the functional versatility of the term 'bitch'. The gang talk about shooting magazine and the NRA membership that was a secret gift to Pop Icon. Pop Icon thinks he's being set up. They also do a mad lib and make a new techno/dance/piece for us all!
On itunes:

Feb. 14th, 2010

Watch this now!

Happy Valentines day!

The gang meet up for their first video Podcast highlighting Sex at the X Gallery Show, a cocktail party, a dance off, and in a weird way a parody of Pat Benatar's, "Love is a battlefield." It's got sex, it's got sizzle. It's the New England underground art scene meets Jackie Collins! It's a Pop world for Pop Icon and his Cocktail Club have a grand Pop life! "Jazz hands!"

Feb. 8th, 2010

(no subject)

Bear/art fags! Pop Icon loves you all!

Pop Icon & The Cocktail Club talk about the Sex at the X gallery show (February 3-28/2010) www.galleryx.org, Pop Icon's use of Semen to Decoupage, the Fur & Gold (feb/12/2010) Event at the Alley in Boston, MA 14 Pi Alley 10:00p.m. - 2:00am 21+ and hey who does not love D.j. David Dancer? Also Pop Icon comes down with Laryngitis and sing horribly for the amusement of the peeps. Much love to the Bear/art fags! Pop Icon loves you all! As always download the show free on itunes or visit the myspace page.

Dec. 20th, 2009

The Lynchcast!

The Lynchcast!

The gang take you on a lost highway of the soul. We urge you to stop, drop, and roll with the lights off and your mind expanded. It's like your in Pop Icon's sex dungeon. Is it a song? Is it art? Are you in a sling at the cocktail club?
Pop Icon & the Cocktail Club on itunes

Oct. 31st, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Scarecrow Part 2

Download the audio here.
Chapter 1

The sound of tribal beats echoed on and on like a native American on heroin. Scarecrows patchwork body writhed in the dirt of the make shift grave in Pippin Orchard. The miss matched gloves all a flurry at the dirt and roots as scarecrow struggled like a poor tranny with no money looking for her hormones trying to reach freedom. How long has she been in the ground? Where was her corn cob strap on? How did she get here in the first place?

Scarecrow pulled herself out of the ground as dirt and dust bellowed off of her. Her button eyes adjusted and she saw a vision of beauty in front of her. There standing in front of her was Pinto Bean. Pinto bean was the girlfriend of Scarecrows ex lover. Scarecrow burped a cloud of dirt and expelled a loud, wet fart. "well Well Well!" Scarecrow said while rubbing her autumnal breasts. "Do you want some corn loving?" Scarecrow hissed. "No you fucking bitch, you owe me big time!" Pinto Bean screamed. Pinto bean tossed her hand to her hip and stared at scarecrow hard, " You fucking owe me big time!" "You killed the only
woman I ever loved and I need you to do something for me!" Pinto Bean tossed a long corn cob at scarecrow and said, "you work for me now you musty old cunt And I have some people for you to kill."

Chapter 2

Scarecrow peered into the window of Iannotti Flower Shop. She was running witty catch phrases in her head and stroking her corn cob. "How fitting that I'm going to give you a rosebud in a flower shop!" Scarecrow screamed as she smashed through the window and tossed Mr. Iannotti onto the ground. Mr. Iannotti face sliced open wide with glass. Scarecrow ripped his pants down and using his blood as lube shoved the corn cob up Mr. Iannotti's ass. Mr. Iannotti cried in pain but noticed that his hole was already gaping. Scarecrow reached over and took a vase off of the flower arrangement table and shoved it into the flower shop proprietors ass. She took her corn cob and smashed the vase. Chunks of blood and glass bubbled from Mr. Iannotti's ass. He let out scream and clutched his heart and passed away. Scarecrow looked at him and then at her reflection in the pool of blood pouring out of his ass she said, "You got to be fucking joking … I was just getting warmed up!" Scarecrow took out a pen and a piece of paper. She scratched off a name on it "el the night is still young and I have a few names on this list!" Scarecrow danced around the flower shop and collected flowers like Laura Ingalls on that TV show she used to watch when she was being raped by her dad with a fish. When she had enough flowers she propped up Mr.
Iannotti and stuck the flowers in his ass. "Now that is what one might call a nice bouquet."

Chapter 3

Walking down the streets of Coventry trying to find a Sandy Bottom road Scarecrow was amused at the thought of killing another crotch gobbler. The last moments of Mr. Iannotti 's death lingered in a tasteful way on the her palette. She longed for more sexual blood to be spilled like a sprinkle gene longs for the golden dewy drops of a waiting horse cock. The world seemed a better place with her rape and murders. It took the bad and seedy people out of this world. But scarecrow realized that she might very well be the same as her victims. She is a dirty nasty bitch. She had taken more cocks than Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin combined. She realized that to end it all she needed to act fast and give into her urges and kill as many people as possible. Scarecrows boot caught in the uneven sidewalk and she fell in a summersault in front of Merrills auto motors. Scarecrow knew that something higher was guiding her on this mission. "It's time for pedophile faggot auto salesmen get their comeuppance." Scarecrow said. "Viva la autumnal snack cakes hooooaaa haaa shit cakes!" scarecrow screamed and laughed leaves, slime, and slugs from her mouth.

Merrill sat at the sales counter texting his fag hook ups on manhunt on his ever obnoxious, pretentious, and emotionally stunting I phone as he counted his money like a Jew. Scarecrow silently crept up behind him and smashed the corn cob Whiz Wang on his head. Instinctively he turned around and caught the corn cob in his blow job giving mouth on the second blow. Scarecrow taken aback at his quick faggoty movements took her vagina out and prolapsed her insides out. At seeing the vagina prolapsed Merrills screamed like a 6 year old girl and passed out.

When Merrills woke up her was tied to a tree. The sound of fall was all around him. The bugs chirped like Mexicans in church. The bark of the tree dug into his cock and chest. The feeling made Merrill cry out in pain. Scarecrow attached jumper cables to Merrills nipples and then attached them to a car battery. Instantly Merrills screamed and bellowed. He arched his back and scarecrow knew to turn off the power. At the relief and stopping of pain scarecrow slammed the corn cob into Merrills ass. Merrill started to cry and beg scarecrow to stop. His eyes now bleeding looking like a saint that suffered for Jesus. Scarecrow laughed and took a shit. She picked up the scat and made Merrill eat it. "Just a spoonful of scat makes the medicine taste like hamburger helper!" Merrill started to choke and his body started to shake. Scarecrow put on some house music that she found on Merrill I phone and plugged the car battery back in. Scarecrow marveled as Merrills body flailed around like a go go boy at an all you can eat AIDS buffet. Suddenly Merrills body started to smoke and then it just blew apart. "Whoo hooooo a disco inferno nigger biscuit!" scarecrow said as she took out her corn cob of what used to be Merrills ass. She took out a pen and paper and scratched off another name on her list. She had two more people to kill. She smiled up at the full moon. She realized that she was doing gods work.

Chapter 4

Greg spread his legs as far as he could and Mr. Ed the Horse licked
his cub glam butt hole so he would be nice and lubed to put his horse
penis in him. Before the horse was to mate with Greg he peed all over
Greg making sure Greg knew his place. Greg was soaked and stinking from
the warmth of Mr. Ed's the horse's hot piss. Next Mr. Ed the Horse
plopped a big nutty log of shit on the ground in front of Greg's face to
eat while Greg was fucked. As you know, all gay cubs from Massachusetts
eat nothing except the horse's excrement. That includes the poop and

Greg was on all fours with his fat ass high in the air and nice and
spread as only a fat small dicked fatty could. Greg began feasting on
the dung. He ate it like a dog putting his face in it and chewing and
gulping down the pasty poopy substance. Mr. Ed positioned himself just
right above Greg. The Horse crotch rocket came out of it's sheath and
the tip landed right on Greg's hair ass. The equine rod went in at first
smoothly from al the years of abuse but then it got a little harder on
Greg as Mr. Ed begun humping and humping more faster and faster ever harder ever longer. Greg felt the slimy penis penetrate his guts further as it slid deeper in. At first Greg felt an instant wave of pain but then a sea of pleasure overcame him and Greg gave in. Half the length of Horse penis was now in Greg and he felt the tip of it grow to the size
of a plump portabella mushroom . Greg was now stuck to Mr. Ed's
penis like a twink on meth. Mr. Ed continued his wild west humping.
Finally, Mr. Ed climaxed and let loose his enormous amount of cum into
Greg dominating him fully. Mr. Ed fully spent pissed on Greg. Mr. Ed.
Lowered his whole weight onto Greg and Greg was squashed under the

Greg was as happy as a scat hog in a latrine. His moth covered with horse poop, his body covered in horse piss, and his bear hole was dripping tons of horse spooge. He noticed in the distance that the scarecrow on the fence jumped up and started to dance towards him. Scarecrows boots slipped in the dungy mud and it made her look like she was doing the electric slide. She reach Greg still trapped under the horse.

She feed a sugar cube to Mr. Ed and pulled out her corn cob love whiz Wang. She placed it over Greg's ear and lifting up her muddy Scarecrow burlap booty slammed her foot down hard. The Corn Cob buried itself through Greg's head and killed him. "This is what you get from listening to too much Lady Ga Ga you fat unprofessional faggot!" Scarecrow hissed as she struggled to pull out the corn cob. She feed the bits of flesh and blood on the corn cob to the Horse and sauntered her way out of the Horse field. Scarecrow made the sign of the cross and prayed, "I delivered another sick fuck to you god one last degenerate to go before thy work is done!"

Chapter 5

Scarecrow made her way into the Church of Saint Vincent De Paul. This was the last stop on her list that Pinto bean gave her. She put her hand into the holy water font and a centipede crawled out of her hand and swam across the water. Scarecrow eased on down the isle dancing and hoping. She saw a lump of patchwork on the alter and stopped in her tracks. As she stopped a She felt a prick of pain in her side. She turned around and there was Pinto bean in a flowing white satin gown with bright blue silk flowers painted on it. In Pinto beans hand was a rather large syringe. "What did you just inject me with" scarecrow yelled and a few bits of her stuffing came flying out. "just some strong hallucinogens and neuro-toxins love! Something to give you a bit of courage for your next and last fight." Said Pinto bean and then Pinto bean mad dashed up to the choir chamber. Scarecrow a bit dazed swung around on her feet and sauntered to the alter. Soon bellows of organ music swelled from the choir chamber. Pinto bean was known to be a slut so scarecrow was not surprised pinto bean could really work that organ. Scarecrow made it up to the altar and the pile of patchwork moved and sat upright in front of her. "Hello sis!" Said hammy as he sat upright. "Hammy!?!?!" scarecrow said. Scarecrow head swelled between seeing her brother still alive and the organ music on top of the hippie juice running amuck in her system. "long time no see sis." Hammy said. "Has a fly ever pooped in your hole asked the zebra to the spider. "no why don't you come in for some cake" answered the spider." Scarecrow said as she started to laugh. Scarecrow jumped up onto the alter and started to moon walk. "do you remember our first time sis?" hammy asked. Scarecrow was instantly back in time reliving her first moments at home with her brother hammy.

"Tell ya what, I'm gonna find us a good movie, pop us some popcorn and watch it. Hoist yourself onto the sofa while I'm gone. Hey, how about a beer ?? Have you ever had one? "Scarecrow said. "Nope, but I'll have my first one with my big sis." Hammy said. Hammy was wearing his Screaming trees concert t-shirt and he always felt cool for wearing it. "Bring it on !!!", he grinned. "Wow, Scarecrow thought to herself, a beer should just do the trick. Hammy, my innocent little brother, tonight you become a man!!" Scarecrow giggled to herself. She knew that in order to carry out her plan to give her brother the pleasures he most likely would never get from an ordinary girl, she would have to do a few outrageous things. First, she would have to forget, while she was doing it, her bad experience when she lost her virginity at Smiling Sole Fish Market with her father and his drunk friends, turning her against ever having sex with another man. Second, She would have to put Florence her sexy, beautiful lesbian lover out of her mind. She worried that if she EVER learned of her plan that she's carrying through with tonight, she would
leave her. THAT would devastate both her AND I. A little voice sounding much like Whitney Houston said to her, Scarecrow, you are one strong female, everything's going to be alright, get on with it !!!"

In the distance Scarecrow heard phantom airy organ music playing Mozart's requiem she thought.

She went into her parent's bedroom and picked out a
DVD called Stump that was racy and pornographic, more than enough to be suggestive to her brother, a stimulant if you will. She stuck a bag of microwave popcorn into the microwave, opened the fridge , took out 2 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and popped the tops. She emptied the popcorn into a dusty old bowl and placed it on the tray with the DVD and cans of beer. When She returned to the living room, Hammy had stretched out on the sofa. She set the tray on the coffee table, handed hammy a beer and put Stump into the DVD player. Scarecrow sat down on the opposite end of the sofa, picked up her brother's Harvesty legs and put them across her lap.

"Okay, Hammy, we're all set, let's watch the movie and
drink our beer. She raised the can and said, "Here's to a fun, exciting time while Mom and Dad are at New York System with Mario Hilario and Karen Woods." Hammy clicked his beer can against scarecrows, saying, "zoot suit riot!!!"

Once again Scarecrow looked around as she heard creepy church music and smelt candles. Despite all the thoughts swirling in her Hay stuffed brain, She focused her attention on the movie. Hammy said, "Candy corn hot cake lust buckets!!! THEY'RE FUCKING with his stump!!!! " And when Scarecrow glanced at Hammy's musty crotch, she was ASTOUNDED at the size of the bulge she saw there !!!! She felt her needy pussy pulsating and felt her pussy sludge running down her thigh. "OMG, I am SO turned on by the sight of my brother's big bonerific erection!" Scarecrow thought. Without thinking she almost put her hand between her legs to rub her hot, stinky, slimy, moldy, wet pussy !!! "O.K Hammy time for bed!" Scarecrow said.

Scarecrow opened Hammy's bedroom door, and while she wasn't shocked, she was not prepared for the scene unfolding before her very button eyes. Hammy had hoisted himself onto his bed, undressed himself and lay there as naked as the day he was born. Hammy was furiously jacking his hard burlap cock, and to scarecrows pleasant surprise it looked every bit as big as 8 inches and thick !!! her needy, aching pussy wanted that cock pounded deep inside her. Scarecrow crawled up onto his bed and felt the dried cum stains on his he-man bed sheets. As she was about to knobble and gobble his harvest pole the door burst open and it was Scarecrows mom and dad with their dinner guests. Albus dungus, Scarecrows father smacked scarecrow across the face with the bag of left over hot wieners. New York System meat sauce was smeared like feces on her face. Soon the room was filled with loud organ music. Scarecrow adjusted her eyes and realized she was tied to a cross in a church. The pile of patchwork was not alive but the corpse of her brother hammy. Scarecrow saw that large charcoal rounds had been placed on her feet and were slowly burning her feet. "Heellpppppppppppp! Lord god delivery me from this pain and anguish!" scarecrow screamed. The organ music stopped and Pinto bean emerged from the Choir chamber and slapped scarecrow in the face. Scarecrow not sure if she was still tripping just stared at Pinto bean. Pinto started to rub and twist Scarecrows nipples and started to knee scarecrow in the cunt. Pinto bean took out a lighter and set Scarecrow on fire. Scarecrow cried and screamed as her skin was slowly being digested by the flame. Pinto bean took a jar out of the folds of her dress and splashed scarecrow in the face. "Her is some fucking acid for your gut rotted face you fucking republican douche bag whore!" "Mary had a little lamb it's fleece was brown as shit cakes puppy vomit!" Scarecrow said as half of her face started to slowly melt off. Pinto Bean watched as the murder of her one and only true love got her just deserts. " red rover red rover send a high colonic right over!" Scarecrow out of her mind on drugs and pain screamed. A large whooshing sounded and the bottom half of Scarecrow fell to the floor. "You know it's tough being a modern woman. I tried to be like Mary Tyler Moore but ended up like that fucking slut Jon Bennet Ramsey!… whom I killed cause she was fucking begging for it!" Scarecrow said now sobbing and laughing. "Do yaw think if I just suck
Your cock and you just eat my pussy, we can be like President Clinton and Monica Lewinski when she sucked him off" Scarecrow said. "I'll give you a fisting and cover your ass hole with maggots!" Scarecrow pleaded. "Oh Hammy, Baby, I'm SO sorry I killed you I started doing everything to your cock that I had learned first hand with daddy as I caressed his hairless balls, and took his cock deep in my mouth, I heard "YEEEEEEESSSSS BABY Jesus YESSSSSS." Just like my daddy did ,and my lesbian lover, Florence was the furtherest thing on my mind " Scarecrow hissed. Scarecrows voice now hardly a whisper over the roaring flames said, "This is the truth and I am speaking in Christ asshole, without pretence like most fucking fags, as my conscience testicles for me in the Holy Spirits rectum; there is great sorrow and unremitting agony in what used to be my cunt I could pray that I myself might be accursed and cut off from Christibits, if this could benefit my dead brother who is my own hay, leafs, burlap, flesh and blood. Fucked are the Israelite; it was they who fucked my dad up as a child the glory was theirs and the covenants; to them were given the genital warts and the worship of God giant cock head and the promises To them belong the sodomy of fathers and out of them, so far as physical descent is concerned, came Christ who fucked my cunt good and hard with boiled eggs who is above all, God, blessed you for ever. Eli, Eli, lama sabacthani My God, My God, why have you forsaken me, Amen. " Scarecrow said as she passed away. Pinto bean laughed herself sick and walked out of the church which was now covered in flames. She painted in spray paint outside the church "A nigger did this!" She wondered if she could find some desperate lesbian to help get her clam box excited. This Halloween Pinto Bean got what she always wanted. The chance to get revenge which was a passion of hers after seeing Kill Bill one and two, a chance to burn down a church, and the chance to pin something new against the darkies.

The end

Oct. 24th, 2009

Come and party with me and my husband! Halloween Party October 30th 2009!

It's Pop Icon and the Cocktail Clubs Annual Halloween party! There will be bobbing for apples, pass the pumpkin, fortune telling, ghost stories, snapping for doughnuts, a**hole, spin the bottle, decorating whomever passes out first, prizes for the top three outfits, and a dramatic reading by the cocktail club of Scarecrow 2. This event is for ages 18 and up. Please byob.

Oct. 27th, 2007

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Are You Jealous That Your School Doesn't Support This:


Oct. 1st, 2007

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What I Do At Art School

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